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This menu is designed to provide our visitors with the possibility to taste the famous ´cozido´ (traditional stew cooked in the volcanic steam), where all of the raw ingredients come prepared in a pot ready to go into the ´caldeiras´ (holes in the ground with hot steam´.

The meat cozido is composed of beef, pork and chicken, vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, yam, cabbage and turnip. This delicious meal is accompanied with traditional sausage such as chorizo and morcela (blood sausage) simply seasoned with salt, garlic and onion.

The fish cozido is normally made with cod but can also be made with hake, squid, tuna or any other Azorean fish. It is accompanied with potato, tomato, onion, garlic and olives and is seasoned with olive oil.

The vegan cozido is made with a selection of local vegetables such as sweet potato, potato, celeriac, collards greens, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, beetroot and courgette along with beans and vegan sausage (if requested). This meal is only seasoned with salt.

The dessert is also delivered raw, with the choice of banana cake, chocolate-beetroot cake or pineapple and mint.

On São Miguel island there are only two places where it is possible to cook the Volcanic menu: Caldeiras of Furnas and Caldeiras of Ribeira Grande. There is no difference in the cooking times for the different places, with each meal requiring between 3-6 hours to cook. At the Caldeiras of Furnas you will be required to pay 3 euros to use the facilities.